Website Launch & 1st Sale Ever! 10-20% Off Until 12/15!

Website Launch & 1st Sale Ever! 10-20% Off Until 12/15!

Greetings & Welcome to Astral Chrysalis Designs,

If this is the 1st time you've landed on our page I invite you to explore our handcrafted leather creations and to learn more about us by reading "The Unfolding" here:

For those of you who are long time fans and customers, thank you for your patience with us, as launching our website has been a long time coming! Raising 3 kids and being full time artists has challenged us immensely! Yet we've made it into our 5th year of business and we are thriving. We have each and everyone of you to thank! In honor of our gratitude for your continued support of our art we are having our 1st Ever Sale!!

If you know of our high quality leather craft and own a piece, then I'm certain you will be excited to learn that for a very limited time we are offering 20% off In Stock items, 10% off In Stock Astral Firebird items and 10% off Custom Orders. Please see our "Solstice Sale" page to get Coupon Codes, go here:

Remember to make your purchases soon, as the sale ends on 12/15!

What sets us apart? Our integrity as artisans is paramount and our attention to every detail! All of our designs are original art and patterns that we've created. We are constantly tweaking and fine tuning our designs to improve them. We may make hundreds of one specific style, but no two are ever going to be exactly the same. Which means that when you buy from us, you are getting a bonafide one of a kind piece of wearable art that is built to last a lifetime. Better still-we guarantee are work! Craftsmanship you can trust!

We love doing custom work and it is where we shine. Co-creating with the customers vision as part of the process is incredibly rewarding and we encourage you to contact us if you are looking for a custom piece! Please also peruse our "Custom Order" listings.

Other exciting news is that we will be launching a fabulous new hat design soon so keep checking back, as this new style is a perfect winter accessory!

Thanks for taking a moment to read our 1st blog post and we look forward to hearing from you. 

A Blessed Winter to All~

The A Team!