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Astral Chrysalis Designs

Chrysalis Sling Purse for Ursula | Custom Order

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Burgundy and Purple Hornback. Extra Length 60" straps.


This is one of my all time favorite designs! The Chrysalis Sling Purse/Hip Belt takes direct inspiration from our popular Women's Chrysalis Holster. Over the years, we've had requests to make a single pocket version for those who don't desire the holster style and all its glorious modes of wear. It finally happened when we had a sweet customer (thank you Blossom) custom order two single pocket Chrysalis Sling Purses and her request to add fringe to the pockets stuck. We've never been big on the whole leather fringe thing, but it really works perfectly with the curving shape of the Chrysalis pocket! Adding fringe is optional of course! Although this design isn't as modular as the holster, it is still multi-purpose and can be worn as a shoulder purse, bandolier style or as a single pocket hip belt! A beautiful unique piece of highly functional wearable art.

What makes the Chrysalis pocket so special? Its shape is inspired by the shape of a Chrysalis out of which a butterfly emerges. Its pocket has the curves of nature and the body rather than the usual angles you find in a pocket. Add in our signature scalloping, piecework style, intricate detail stitch and you have a gorgeous piece of functional wearable art. Best of all the Chrysalis pocket is deceptively roomy, with an interior zipper pocket that can fit my whole hand inside. Great for cash, change and that square reader you don't want to lose. The main part of the pocket has 4 credit card holders that will fit up to 4 cards each after they've been stretched a bit. This main section can also hold a phone as big as a Galaxy Note Edge, an array of lip balms and so much more. The front section of the pocket is great for receipts, business cards and non bulky items. The pocket securely shuts with two strong magnets. As if that wasn't plenty of room, there is also a zip pocket on the back of the purse that is great for change, cards, cash.


CHOOSE YOUR 2 LEATHERS | See Pictured Leather Color Swatches!

Select your 2 desired Leather Colors at checkout! The Base Leather is the straps and pocket leather. The inlay leather is the leather piecework inlay for the straps, the front piecework part of the pocket and the spiral piece on the pocket. Both Leathers are typically alternated for the inlay parts to give contrast, however we can do the inlay as one color by request. I am happy help you figure it out if you need guidance, as that is my jam :)!

I do not recommend combining any of the Black Floral/Hornback, Dark Brown Floral/Hornback or Navy Floral/Hornback into one bag, as when these leathers are side by side they are way too similar and very hard to differentiate between. For good contrast I would avoid combining these leathers.

Please note that the Crocodile Embossed Leathers are too heavy for the base leather, but are great as inlay.

If you want 3 colors on your bag, please leave a note at checkout letting me know what third color you would like and I will message you if I have any questions about the layout. Typically for a 3 Leather purse their is the base color and then the 2 inlay colors alternate for the piecework straps and pocket pieces.

A few of the Plain Leathers that are listed at checkout are not pictured in the swatches. Plain simply means they have no embossing. I can send you pictures if you convo me.

If you don't see the color you want message us and we will let you know if we can source the color you are looking for.

CHOOSE YOUR THREAD COLOR/S | In a note at checkout please let us know what thread color/s you want. Please choose up to 2.

Toast (light golden brown)
Navy Blue
Royal Blue
Forest Green
Bright Red
Bright Yellow
Light Grey
Olive Green
Teal Green
Teal Blue

CHOOSE YOUR HARDWARE | In a note at checkout please let us know what hardware you prefer

Antique Brass
Silver Nickel
Combination of Antique Brass & Copper
Combination of Silver Nickel & Gunmetal

CHOOSE THE CORRECT POCKET SIDE | In a note at checkout let us know if you are right handed or left handed and which side pocket you would like.

Typically Right Handed people go with a left side pocket and Left Handed people go with a right side pocket

DO YOU WANT FRINGE | In a note at checkout let us know if you want fringe.

With or Without Fringe, that is the question? FYI, omitting the fringe does not change the price.


1) Left Side Pocket or Right Side Pocket?
2) Are you Left Handed or Right Handed?
3) What 1-2 Thread Colors do you prefer?
4) With Fringe or Without Fringe?
5) Hardware Preference: Antique Brass, Antique Brass & Copper Combo, Silver Nickel, Silver Nickel & Gunmetal Combo. Which do you prefer?
6) D0 you want 2 leathers or 3 Leathers? If you want 3, please specify your 2nd Inlay Color from the list of Inlay leathers shown at checkout.

All original art and design, as always.

Handmade with love in California.

Construction Guarantee.

FREE US SHIPPING, as always.