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Astral Chrysalis Designs

The Sylvan Step Leather Elven Flats | Made To Order

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Handmade Leather Elven Flats | Custom & Made to Order | Free US Shipping

Oh My Goddess We Made Shoes! :) First off, these are completely customize-able to your foot size! We can accommodate all sizes, shapes, and widths!

We are over the moon to finally offer you an Astral Chrysalis Shoe Design, we've named these beauties The Sylvan Step!

These sweet whimsical flats are comfy, warm and the perfect slipper or dance shoe.

These have been designed to have that barefoot feel and are not for vigorous hiking or rocky terrain, as the soles do not have any traction. They are great for dancing, wandering around faire, or padding around the house in style. They remind me of the jazz and ballet shoes I wore when I was a child! I was visiting a friend who is a dancer yesterday and she was examining them. She said they would be great for Fusion Dance, and are definitely the perfect weight.

The Uppers are made of Italian Embossed Cow Leather, you can see the Leather Color Swatches in our pictures. Floral and Hornback are the embossing patterns on the leather.

They have a lightweight, 3/64"-1/16" (3/4oz Leather), Vegetable Tanned Leather Sole that gives your foot just enough protection while walking about. We can add thicker Vegetable Tanned Soles by request at no extra charge.

The thicker sole options are as follows:

• 1/16"-5/64" (4/5oz Leather)
• 5/64"-3/32" (5/6oz Leather)
• 3/32"-7/64" (6/7oz Leather
• 7/64"-1/8" (7/8oz Leather)

The Ankle Wrap Lace Up element is optional! If you are not someone who likes the lace up style, let us know in a note at checkout and we will shorten the laces to simply tie in a small bow at the top of the foot. You can always order them with long laces to try it out and if you don't like it you can cut the laces to tie in a small bow. These shoes do not require the lacing to stay on your foot! It is a design element and not for functionality.

These flats


Each pair of flats are made to order and we want to make sure they fit your feet perfectly. Please see our sizing chart in the pictures for this listing. We can accommodate all sizes. Narrow, wide, unique, not a problem, we got you.

You will definitely need to measure one of your feet, as shown in the graphic pictured. Please include your measurements in a note at checkout.

Additionally, we need an outline of your foot on a piece of paper, with a ruler or measuring tape placed next to your outline for our visual reference. You can simply message us this picture after you checkout.

For those of you who have unique feet and are worried about customization, you can snail mail us your size with the duct-taped sock method. We will provide you a mailing address once you checkout.


Please see a picture of the Leather Colors that are available pictured above. Please select your Base Leather Color and your Filigree Leather Color from the options at checkout. In the pair pictured the Base Leather Color is Black Floral and the Filigree Leather Detail is in Purple Hornback.

If you don't see the colors you are envisioning, message us and we can let you know if we can accommodate your request and send you some swatches.


These lovely flats are lined on the inside with a soft lightweight Sheepskin Vegetable Tanned Leather. This gives them a nice comfortable amount of structure.


In a note at checkout let us know what color thread you prefer, we have most colors available. You can also leave thread color up to us, as we have a good eye for these elements.


In a note at checkout let us know what hardware you prefer for the eyelets and small rivets. You can also let us know if you prefer no rivets. Hardware options are:

• Antique Brass
• Copper
• Silver Nickel Plated


1) Your foot Measurements. Please also let us know if you have a unique size foot, ie. wide foot or AA extra narrow.
2) Outline your foot with a measuring tape or ruler next to it for size reference.
3) Do you want to mail us a duct tape mold of your foot? This is optional.
4) What Thread Color would you like? Or would you like us to choose?
5) Hardware Preference?
6) Do you want long laces or short laces?
7) Do you want the original lightweight sole, which is 3/64"-1/16" (3/4oz Leather)? If not, what width Sole do you prefer? The thicker sole options are as follows:
• 1/16"-5/64" (4/5oz Leather)
• 5/64"-3/32" (5/6oz Leather)
• 3/32"-7/64" (6/7oz Leather
• 7/64"-1/8" (7/8oz Leather)

All original art and design, as always.

One of a kind.

Handmade with love in California.

Construction Guarantee.

FREE US SHIPPING, as always.